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Federico Della Putta Illustrator


Federico Della Putta (1986) was born in Milano where he lives and works.

He graduated in visual arts and painting at the FINE ARTS ACADEMY OF MILANO; he then specialized in  illustration at the SCHOOL OF APPLIED ART of Milano. He is co-foundator and partner of the Stop-Motion animation and design studio MAMMAFOTOGRAMMA, where he actively works as illustrator, character designer and storyboarder. He worked as illustrator for educational and divulgative publishing (REGIONE LOMBARDIA, DEAGOSTINI). He starts publishing on “FRIGIDAIRE” (2010-2013) and LINUS (2017), both magazines of culture, news and satire. In 2011, he starts the long-time collaboration with SPAZIO PAPEL in Milano, an art gallery specialized in illustration and comic art, participating in various exhibitions along with both important names of Italian illustration (SERGIO TOPPI, EMANUELE LUZZATI, GIOVANNI ROBUSTELLI) and emergent joung artists. In 2012 and 2018 his personal exhibitions ("APPUNTI DI EPICA", 2012 - "CITTA' IMMAGINATE", 2018), both commissioned and published by "Edizioni Papel" and reviewed by GIANNI BRUNORO.


Photo by Eric Davanzo

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